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New ZyBrid® edge interactive video wall to be showcased at ISE 2020

03 February 2020

ISE 2020, Amsterdam
11th-14th February

We are excited to announce that we will be showcasing our New ZyBrid® edge at ISE 2020! This years' demonstration - a video wall of four multi-touch screens, is innovatively linked to enable seamless touch transition between screen tiles.

To build an interactive video wall, designers typically fix protective glass panels to each display and then use a clip-on infra-red or camera-based touch detection system around the tiled, narrow border screens, which creates an unsightly “protruding bezel,” explains Ian Crosby, Sales and Marketing Director, Zytronic. Unfortunately, in addition to the ugly frame, infra-red and camera-based touch detection technologies tend to be susceptible to false and accidental touches and can be confused by strong direct sunlight or prevented from working by dirt and debris accumulating on the surface, affecting the optical transmitters or receivers. The alternative is to use other touch technologies such as acoustic or capacitive-based systems, but until now, these have required wider borders which detract from the appearance of the interactive video wall.

The new Zytronic projected capacitive solution removes both these issues completely, while enabling ultra-fast, accurate touchscreen responses and providing borders that match the latest near-borderless LCDs. Each ZyBrid® screen is supported by its own ZYX500™ multi-touch controller, which outputs to a single master controller. Zytronic has created new, proprietary firmware for the master ZXY500™, which combines the data from the individual controllers, ‘stitching’ them together, and then presenting a set of x-y co-ordinates to the host computer as a HID plug and play touchscreen device. Instead of individual touchscreens, the computer ‘sees’ one giant touch sensor. This innovative approach solves the problem of touch co-ordinates being dropped as a user passes their fingers from one screen to an adjacent unit to achieve a seamless transfer ‘handshake’ - no matter how many people are interacting on the video wall. The individual screens can be tiled, and multiple touch controllers linked to create huge, interactive walls, with each thermally toughened glass touch sensor providing durable, vandal-resistant protection for the fragile displays beneath.

For this solution, Zytronic collaborated closely with TSItouch and their EMEA partner, Displaylite, to utilise their patented Glass Retention Bezel System (GRBS®) to attach 55” ZyBrid® touch sensor to the 55” displays, in an incredibly slim frame maintaining millimetres wide spacing between the screens.

“With this latest Zytronic development, accurate and incredibly responsive projected capacitive touchscreen video walls of almost any size can be created by AV developers,” concludes Crosby. “With virtually unlimited scalability, the Zytronic video wall solution enables endless possibilities for them to create the ultimate interactive experience.”

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